Our Mission

Designing is our strength but being able to enhance our client’s life experiences through design is our passion. Willow & East appeals to the everyday chic individual, specifically those with young families who seek to live a life with style, ease and purpose. Our client’s work and play life balance, inspires us to create designs that are functional, effortlessly beautiful, and designs that embody our clients’ story. We pride ourselves with the ability to execute each project with impeccable detail, a distinctive sense of style, and professionalism.

A Little About…

Hi! I’m Juanita Jimenez, Founder and Creative Director of Willow & East. I consider myself a warm, outgoing, genuine, and passionate creative individual. One that is driven by the endless amount of inspirations found in everyday life.

I am a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design. Throughout the years, I have evolved into a well-rounded designer working with leading Architects and Designers in areas such as high-end residential and corporate interior projects. Over the course of my work I have been involved in developing overall design concepts, space programming and planning, constructions documentation, product specifications, and management of projects from inception through completion. Thus, allowing me to develop and cultivate my own aesthetics and approach to design.

In 2015, I decided to launch Willow & East a boutique design studio offering both Interior Design and Event Styling. Founded by my everlasting love for design of all forms and my belief that your passion, desire and natural talents can be transparent in many creative fields. Our vision is to grow as a brand, be recognized for our everlasting and sensible designs and continue to create experiences through the design of our clients’ personal spaces or special lifetime celebrations.

I look forward to working with you and bringing your vision and concepts to life.


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