A modern bedroom that is tailored to perfection

I have a LOVE for structured, refined, warm, and organic spaces. I think they give off such a sense of balance and an energizing feeling. What better space to adapt this approach to than a bedroom. 

Today on the blog, I am sharing a room I designed in collaboration with All Modern. The intent for this specific space was to create an affordable masculine bedroom that felt strong, sophisticated, yet peaceful. A neutral atmosphere perfect for a relaxed lifestyle!


So here are my thoughts and process on how I went about creating this beautiful interior. 

For this room, I chose a luxurious channeled velvet platform bed with details that make it appear custom-made, in a deep olive green that gives it that soothing touch of nature. The mid-century styled wood dresser and nightstands not only make the design effortless and timeless but also add warmth to the room.

When it comes to smaller furnishings and decor pieces, I think of those as layering elements. I tend to look for pieces with textural details, patterns and finishes that blend effortlessly into the color scheme.

Pieces like the stylish leather woven lounge chair, brass swing wall lamps and the handwoven rug add sophistication, character and let's not forget functionality and comfort! As for smaller decor items, I love to add hints of who my clients are, such as the geometric wall art frames that bring that masculinity to the room, the corrugated cast iron llama and the smooth look of the ceramic vase.

I love how it turned out! Need help with ideas for a room in your home? Book a complimentary discovery call so we can chat about your needs. Now more than ever, we know how important it is to have a positive and nurturing home that enhances our everyday living. 

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*Hand sketches are a thing around here because they helps us convey those ideas fast!

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