Make it beautiful and functional: Dining with All Modern

This post is sponsored by All Modern. However, all text, photos, and thoughts are my own.

Whether you have a separate room in your home or your dining area is part of an open plan next to your kitchen, adding practicality and interest in this space is key. For the most part, the dining table and chairs are always the highlights in this room and they should be, as they aid in the primary function of this space. However, for this post in partnership with All Modern, I wanted to focus on the importance of adding supportive pieces that enhance the look and function of your dining experience. As mentioned in my previous post, a well-positioned side table is a must. Regardless of the size of your space, there are always ways to work around it.


Buffet, sideboard, or console table????

When deciding on the ideal solution for your dining room, always think about the size of the space you have, your actual needs, and the look you are after. If space is not an obstacle or if you're looking for more formality, or more storage, a larger piece may be the option for you. However, for example in this dining room, we opted for a beautiful console table that was perfect in height, length, open, and modest in-depth, making it an ideal addition in a small area where floor space was crucial. Although not providing closed storage, the metal tabletop and lower glass shelf gives a spot to rest small platters and cocktails when entertaining or an extra area to display decorative items, books or store your specialty stemware or favorite champagne bottle when not in full use.


Aside from this piece enhancing the functionality of your dining area, think of it as the perfect opportunity to bring some life to a blank wall while creating a focal point that embraces the style and palette of your space. Adding a statement piece such as an artwork, a mirror, or a gallery of smaller pieces will help make it look intentional and visually anchor your buffet, sideboard, or console table to the wall. Of course, always keeping it narrower than the width of your table on each side to keep the vignette from feeling top-heavy. So in keeping with the clean and modern style we were after in this dining room, we added an oversized black and white abstract print that added an element of interest and complimented the look of the overall space.

Finally, to add some balance, softness, and warmth, we added some height, a pop of fresh greenery, layered in some color, organic elements, and of course included some festive items to highlight the holiday season. 


I really hope you enjoyed reading this post and hope it gives you some guidance and inspiration to bring into your own dining spaces. To shop for some of the items mentioned in this post or other options see links below.

Wishing you a joyful, healthy and safe holiday season! 

Let's cheers to a better & wonderful 2021!

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